Ben Affleck returns as Batman to the DC Universe

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The Dark Knight, or better known as Batmanis one of the most important and popular superheroes in the world of comics and the entertainment industry in general.

Recently, Robert Pattinson gave an interpretation of Bruce Wayne in the tape batmansaid it was liked by both fans and Christian Bale himself, protagonist of the trilogy Dark Knightwho despite stating that he has not seen the movie, praised Pattinson’s version.

Another actor who has portrayed the character and has also been well received by fans is Ben Affleckwho has recently given something to talk about when he was caught sleeping during his honeymoon with JLo.

Despite the fact that many of his followers doubted his return as Batman, after his official retirement in 2019, the actor has returned to play the character again in Zack Snyder’s Justice League and in the future movie Flashhowever, due to the problems in which Ezra Miller has been involved, the followers of the universe DC they were beginning to worry about the future of these films.

Ben Affleck returns in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

These concerns seem to diminish, since recently The return of Ben Affleck as Batman in the new film has been officially confirmed Aquaman and the Lost KingdomThis has been stated by Jason Momoa, the protagonist of said film, through his Instagram account, where the actor shared some photos behind the recording set.

In these photographs we observe both actors in the studios Warner Bros. while giving a tour of the facilities, at the end of the publication and in the words of Jason Momoa:

“Reunited Bruce and Arthur. I love you and miss you Ben, the WB studio tours explored well the back lotstuck on set, big things are to come AQUAMAN 2, aloha.”

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom It will premiere on March 17, 2023.


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