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Amber Heard’s lawyers asked the Fairfax (Virginia, USA) court this Friday to annul their trial against Johnny Depp for an error in selecting one of the members of the popular jury.

According to the latest documents registered by Heard’s defense, one of the members of that jury, and who therefore participated in the verdict, was born in 1970 when the file of the person originally summoned had the same name but had been born in 1945.

Apparently, the individual who received the summons and the one who finally went to trial were not the same person but lived at the same address, although the letter does not specify if they had family ties.

“Juror number 15 was not the individual who was subpoenaed on April 11, 2022, and therefore was not part of the panel and could not have properly participated in the trial,” the attorneys said.

“Therefore, a mistrial should be declared and a new trial called,” they added.

At the moment, neither the Fairfax court nor Depp’s lawyers have ruled on the matter, although they must do so within 30 days.

This petition comes after another filed last week in which Heard’s defense asked that the sentence be annulled.

In that appeal, the lawyers say that the damages awarded to Depp for the publication of an article in which Heard said, without citing her ex-husband, that she had been subjected to sexual violence were excessive and were not supported by the evidence at trial.

They also accuse the protagonist of “Pirates of the Caribbean” of not having met the legal requirements to prove that there was real malicious intent.

That document already mentioned the alleged error about the jury, but they had not used it as an argument to request the annulment of the media trial until now.

The judgment issued unanimously by the jury on June 1 maintains that three sentences written by Heard in his opinion article published in 2018 by The Washington Post newspaper defamed him, although the actor also defamed his ex-wife on one occasion.

Thus, the jury declared the two Hollywood stars responsible for defamation, although it forced Heard to pay compensation of 10.3 million dollars in damages to Depp and the actor only imposed a payment of 2 million.

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