“They shattered their dreams”, father of Georgina, taekwondoin who did not arrive on time for the World Cup

On July 27, while the other participants carried out the weigh-in ceremony, Georgina Ochoa, only 15 years old, was in Frankfurt, Germany, unable to travel to Sofia, Bulgariafor “logistics issues”.

This “carelessness” on the part of those responsible cost the elimination of the little taekwondoin, who enlisted to play her last Cadet World Cup… One more inaccuracy of Mexican sports and its leaders.

But not everything is turning the page and starting another preparation to return to the tatami, to Georgina Ochoa “His dreams and a job of many years were destroyed,” said his father in an interview for EL UNIVERSAL Sports.

“She is a cadet, this was her last chance to be in a cadet world championship; she left practically her entire childhood to compete and always prepare, ”he declared. George Ochoa.


But as usual in budget or logistics issues, they are still waiting for answers from the leaders.

“We are waiting for the Federation, the Conade, whoever was responsible, to approach us and see how they are going to compensate for the damage that my daughter had regarding this, but so far nothing.”

It’s been almost 10 days and the explanations do not come, instead, the consequences for the young athlete are increasing.

“Georgina brings a serious psychological problem, apparently it brings a lot of post-traumatic stress, it brings sleeping problems, anxiety… Today we have an appointment with him, to see what we will do with her, she has been unable to sleep for seven days, there are many consequences,” he asserted. Jorge Ochoa emotionally beaten.


George’s dad, as he names it, qualifies this as cheating and lack of ability. The strike in one of the airlines has been the perfect pretext for the national federations; however, he assured that there were options for Georgina Arrive on time at your competition.

“They have said that it was not in their hands. I spoke with the person in charge of selections in Bulgaria. She emphatically told me that they were not responsible for anything, but of course they are, we asked them to leave earlier, in another group, and they always refused to change the groups, never; They didn’t care if he went or not… He had one last chance and because he didn’t want to change the groups, there are the consequences”.

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