Ana de Armas reveals her ‘tortuous’ romance and breakup with Ben Affleck

Ana de Armas was one of the stars of the film

Ana de Armas was one of the stars of the film “No time to die”, by agent 007.

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Anne of Arms is the Hispanic-Cuban actress who has become a Hollywood sensation. The young woman, who became popular as the Bond girl in no time to die and was recently in the Netflix series Between knives and secrets, of which there is already talk of a second part, now making headlines for her role as Marilyn Monroe in Blondethe biopic of the famous actress who became a legend.


Previously, Ana de Armas became a star persecuted by the paparazzi, because she had an affair with Ben Affleck now husband of Jennifer Lopez. The love story between the actress and the actor began after sharing the set of the film deepwater. They lasted just over nine months and even moved into his mansion in Los Angeles together.

The relationship was so serious that the then 48-year-old actor and the 33-year-old Cuban actress agreed that she meet Jennifer Garner, his ex, and his mother, Anne Christina. It was even said that Ana eventually picked up Affleck’s children at school. Everything seemed like they would go to the altar, but in that same 2020 they broke up.

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It was said that the breakup happened because they were at different points in their careers and that suddenly she wanted to be a mother and for him her three children were already enough. It was also speculated that he wanted her close to her and she was prioritizing her career and that involved going to many cities. Whatever the couple that made headlines in the pandemic broke up.

Now that Ana is back in the news for the movie in which she plays Marilyn Monroe titled Blondegave an interview to Elle magazine where he talks about it.

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To begin with, the actress admitted that she fled from the city of Los Angeles due to the pressure and persecution of photographers while she was with the actor who played Batman and who is now married to JLo.

The actress said that her change of address, because she now lives in New York, had that siege as “one of the reasons why I left Los Angeles.”

She also said that in the city of stars there seems to be no escape when it comes to fleeing from that media pressure that she felt when she lived with ben Affleck in 2020. “Everything was done too much uphill. There is no escape. No exit. You always have the feeling that there is something you don’t have, that there is something missing. It is a city that makes you anxious, ”said the actress who began her internationalization with the Spanish series El internado. “It made me realize that it was not my place” indicating that now it is calmer in the big apple.

Ana de Armas is now having an affair with Paul Boukadakis, one of the CEOs of the dating app Tinder.

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