Monkeypox: what is the profile of those infected and how can it change as the disease progresses

  • Andre Biernath
  • BBC News Brazil

Monkeypox seen under an electron microscope.

image source, CDC/Reuters


Monkeypox seen under an electron microscope.

Men under the age of 40 who have sex with men bear the brunt of the monkeypox virus in the first few months since cases began spreading around the world.

Experts warn that this does not mean, however, that other individuals are free from the threat: as the virus spreads around the world, it tends to infect more and more people than do not fit this initial profile.

In the United States, for example, the first two cases of this infection in babies have already been detected.

“It is a matter of weeks before we begin to see more cases in other groups, such as heterosexuals or children,” predicts the doctor Nésio Fernandes, president of the National Council of Health Secretaries of Brazil.

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