Kardashian fans slam Kourtney and Travis Barker for “atrocious parking” as they drive into wheelchair space in new photo

Fans robbed Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker for their parking skills after a photo showed them driving into a disabled space.

The 43-year-old model posted a shot of her and her husband’s rides.

The couple took out their matching Mercedes Benzes for an overnight trip, but got bumped for parking in a disabled space


Kourtney shared her Instagram stories to share a photo of her black Mercedes Benz parked next to Travis’s matching vehicle.

The couple took separate overnight trips in their luxury cars, eventually meeting in a parking lot where the former KUWTK captured the photo.

He captioned the photo: “mom and dad”.

However, Kourtney’s followers disputed Poosh founder’s parking work, pointing out that he parked in an illegal space.

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The mother of three’s car was positioned slightly above the blue diagonal lines, demonstrating that she had parked in a handicapped spot, despite the fact that she and Travis, 46, were handicapped.

An online thread broke out with comments from critics about his failed parking when one lashed out: “Atrocious parking !!! $ 500 ticket, thug ”.

Another person agreed, asking, “So mom or dad are handicapped?”

Kourtney may need parking nearby based on recent headlines she is expecting her fourth child.

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Rumors have been circulating for months that the Kardashians star is pregnant with her and Travis’ first child together.

Recent photos convinced fans that the rumors are true as it appeared to be trying to hide a baby bump.


Earlier this week, Kourtney posted two photos of herself in a shiny black leather dress with a significant slit on Instagram.

She completed the look with high black heels, feathered sleeves and drop earrings.

The first shot made her rest one leg on the sofa in her trailer while the other was planted on the floor.

The Hulu star gazed into the distance as her dress fell down her legs.

She put the oversized sleeves in front of her stomach, covering it.

In the second photo, the E! alum sat down on the sofa and looked at the floor.

Kourtney crossed her leg over her body and stomach and positioned herself so that she could hide a bump if there was one.

He titled the post: “I Play Dress Up In My Trailer”.

This led many fans to believe she was pregnant with Travis’ baby.

Fans reposted the photos online, starting a discussion in the thread.
One person wrote: “I think she is pregnant.

One person wrote: “I think she is pregnant.

“So this is just speculation and I can be 100% wrong, but I feel like the way it has been moving lately. I think she is posting old photos, but new to us, she hid her belly, herself ”.

“Don’t get me excited,” another fan replied.

One intervened: “Look at how she is sitting. Are you trying to hide a bump? “

Kourtney has repeatedly teased fans of a fourth baby’s arrival on social media with her clothing choices and food cravings.


But the idea that she is pregnant is not far-fetched as Kourtney and Travis have talked about their journey to conceive the final season of The Kardashians.

The TV personality explained her unorthodox methods of getting pregnant, including eating hard-boiled quail eggs and undergoing an intense cleansing to increase fertility.

The couple also revealed their difficulties in conceiving a child through in vitro fertilization.

Although spouses do not have children together, they each have children with their exes.

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Kourtney shares children, Mason, 12; Kingdom, seven; and daughter Penelope, nine, with her ex Scott Disick.

Meanwhile, Travis is the father of two teenagers, Landon, 18; and Alabama, 16, with his ex-wife, Shanna Moakler.

Fans suspected Kourtney is pregnant after noticing she was apparently trying to hide a baby bump in her social media photos.


Kourtney and Travis were open about their efforts to conceive a baby together


Viewers followed their journey to get pregnant on the family reality show, The Kardashians


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