Rusherking changed his look and was compared to George Clooney

Rusherking went to the hairdresser and crossed sides. He now belongs to a much more advanced generation: the gray-haired.

China Suárez’s boyfriend showed on his networks how his new platinum hair color turned out and one of the comments he received was in reference to George Clooney.

“Not since George Clooney has anyone looked so good with white hair papaaa,” his colleague Ante Cent Veinte wrote to him. “hahahahahaha hdm I love you”, he replied rushing.


The singer first posted a post on his Instagram feed with his new look, sporting a red jacket, standing on a street corner. “How frioooo che,” he pointed out.

Also, rushing He uploaded another photo to his Stories, this time with a more formal outfit.

While most of his followers praised him, so far China Suarez She did not say what she thought of her boyfriend’s new look.


China Suárez chose a particular look for Amancio and compared it to Rusherking

China Suarez shared a cute video withn Amancio Vicuna that generated comments. Like every publication she makes on social networks, the 30-year-old actress manages to attract the attention of her followers and is newsworthy.

This time, he caught the eyes of his followers when he uploaded a moving post from his youngest son with a particular look that, apparently, is similar to that of her boyfriend rushing.

In the recording, the two-year-old appears wearing a green cap, trap style, and talking on the phone.

China Suárez chose a particular look for Amancio and compared it to Rusherking

That same publication was made the day the China Suarez He shared postcards of Sunday intimacy with Rusherking, in which he showed the process in which the musician cooked the actress homemade pizza.

Since they confirmed their romance, Benjamín Vicuña’s ex He has no qualms about sharing photos of his intimacy with the singer and even showed that he involved his new love with her three children, Amancio, Rufina and Magnolia.

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