Pumas launches offer to Dani Alves, but the agreement is still far away

The information was first reported by Brazilian media and confirmed by ESPN with sources close to the player.

The Pumas have launched an offer to sign Daniel Alves, free on the market after leaving the Barcelona. The information was first reported by LOU and confirmed by ESPN with sources close to the player.

However, according to the report, the deal is currently considered to be “a long way” from completion.

Daniel Alves serenely assesses what his next step in his career will be, with his sights set on Qatar World Cup with the Brazilian team.

The technician Tite has publicly stated that the winger needs to be “in the best competitions and playing at a high level” to get a place in the world.

For this reason, Daniel Alves is still not convinced that going to the Mexican League is his best option, despite the economic power of some clubs in the country.

At Pumas, Daniel Alves is seen as a “dream”, and the team approaches the side through contacts with his coaching staff.

In Brazil, after defending Sao Paulo, daniel alves he is mainly interested in Athletico-PR. The player even reached an agreement with the red and black team, before leaving for Barcelona at the beginning of the year.

“He went to Barcelona, ​​​​but he was coming to play with us here in 2022. Then he called me and said: ‘Look, president, can you let me go? Barcelona‘. I told him everything was fine. Lose Then we release it to Barcelona“, said Mario Celso Petragliain January.

* With information from Moises Llorens

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