Minecraft pays tribute to Technoblade with a heartfelt nod

Last week the death of technoblade. The young content creator of 23 years, finally, could not overcome the cancer that he had been dragging for a year.

The news was a hard blow for both the community of Minecraft as well as for developers belonging to Mojang. So much so, that the studio wanted to render a nice tribute to the youtuber

From their Twitter account they stated the following: “We have tried to find the words, but all of us in Minecraft are heartbroken by the loss of Technoblade. It meant a lot to our community and gave us so much joy. we will miss him dearly“.

Likewise, the studio has decided to update the home screen of Minecraft: Java Editionincluding a pig with a crown in reference to the Technoblade avatar on his YouTube channel.

Users from around the world have also flooded the networks with tributes and condolences. Of course, the mark that the emblematic youtuber has left in the community it will be impossible to eraser.

I’m sure the content creator would have loved this nod, as it was really attached to the game. “If I had another hundred lives I think I would choose to be Technoblade again, because They have been the happiest years of my life“, he wrote in a statement before he died.

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