“It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever done”

“Hopefully they’ll put the money they’ve saved on casting into the special effects.” 12 years ago, vulture announced with pearls like this the signings of some unknown Chris Hemsworth Y Tom Hiddleston (the publication preferred the term ‘no-names’, something like ‘nobodies’) by Thor.

To be fair, that kid worthy of the Mjölnir had already known some fame, as a good Australian, in the long-running soap opera Home and Away and his name sounded to the trekkies for interpreting George Kirk on the star trek by JJ Abrams. A decade later, Hemsworth has nothing left of ‘nobody’. Like Thor, it is synonymous with success and there is no comedy (it was the best of Ghostbusters) no action scene (TylerRake) resist him.

Now he returns to Marvel, this time also as a producer, before joining Anya Taylor-Joy in Furious. We talked to the actor about Thor: Love and Thunder, his reunion with Natalie Portman and the evolution of his character in the MCU.

The last time we saw Thor in avengers:endgame, was about to embark on a journey of self-discovery with the Guardians of the Galaxy. How will we find him now?

The funniest thing about embarking on this journey with him was precisely that it is one of self-discovery. Our goal was to understand what has happened since Avengers: Endgame Until now, to fill in the gaps and see what version of himself he has been creating through his experiences with the Guardians and his adventure together, where he has tried to impose his way of doing things.

There were no rules or limitations in that sense, we were able to work what we wanted with the character. That very creative exploration has been immensely satisfying.

Taika Waititi has assured that this film is the craziest thing he has done in his life. Are you exaggerating?

Is not true. He’s also the craziest thing I’ve ever been a part of. We were constantly pushing the limits of humor and playing with the expectations that the audience might have. Throwing all of that overboard and creating on uncultivated land. It was great.

The hardest thing about playing a character so many times has been sticking to the rules of who the character is and what the audience’s expectations are. But once we decided we could break those guidelines and take Thor down different paths, any path we wanted, we had more creative freedom to try out unique ways to bring him to life.

Natalie Portman is back as Mighty Thor and the film is presented as a ‘rom-com’. Will there be arguments about who gets the hammer or who left who?

[Ríe] It’s kind of a superhero romantic comedy and we had to ask ourselves all those questions. It was really funny because when the characters parted ways, the ending was pretty open.

We all had to re-watch the second movie of Thor and find out how they broke up, why, what really happened. Because when we shot that, we made different versions of what happened: if he left it, if she did it, and so on. Once again, the best when dealing with this relationship in love and thunder It has been to have the possibility of doing what we wanted. I’ll just say that some really funny things happen between them, but you’ll see when the movie is released.

You have reunited with Natalie in the MCU nine years after the premiere of Thor: The Dark World.

Nine years… Yeah, it’s been great. We began this journey together more than a decade ago and Thor It was one of my first blockbusters, my first Marvel movie, so meeting again all this time later and living this experience together has been very exciting. In addition, Natalie has been enthusiastic about the proposal and has actively collaborated in the creation of this new Jane. She has a lot of talent and everything has been very positive in this reunion.

How did you convince Christian Bale and Russell Crowe to join this adventure? How about working with them?

Incredible! They’re so talented… I guess Taika took over those conversations to convince them. I’m not sure if he had to prod them too much or, like the vast majority of people, they were excited to jump into this universe.

With how successful these films are now and the world they’ve helped build on screen, I think there’s a massive sense of gratitude when you’re invited to be a part of the experience. I’m sure Christian and Russell were thrilled to join Marvel.

As you said, your character has evolved a lot during this decade of life in the cinema, with Thor: Ragnarök as a turning point. How did Taika’s arrival affect you?

When Taika joined ragnarok, he was fed up with what the character had been doing and I felt a bit stuck, I felt like I was repeating the same emotions, the same version of what Thor was. We agreed that if we were going to make another movie, we needed to change it in a big way. I appreciate having been able to do it in the third solo film and thus have paved the way for Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame Y Thor: Love and Thunder.

The initial and most instinctive reaction in these types of productions is often to respect what is expected of a leading man because you think that you have to fit in there, that this is how the hero acts, that this is what the audience wants to see. Getting rid of those ideas, starting from scratch and trying what we feel like has been very rewarding and much more fun.

What did you want to try in this fourth film?

With Thor, I always want to do better. I want to keep the character fresh for the viewers, but also for myself as an actor. If it becomes too familiar, I need to go in other directions and love and thunder, by his tone, he’s allowed me to play with that.

We’ve had to balance the rom-com energy of the plot with the epic Marvel action, to get that harmony, which would have been difficult without such a wonderful team. And in the end, what I take with me is that we had a great time.

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