Dragon Ball points to Fortnite after several clues within the free to play of Epic Games

One of the capsules from Capsule Corp, Bulma’s company, can be found in the game files.

You know it and so do we: Fortnite is not going to stop carrying out collaborations with some of the most successful franchises in the world. During Chapter 3 Season 3 we have already had Darth Vader and Star Wars as protagonists, and it doesn’t seem like Epic Games the machinery is going to stop sometime soon.

There are still plenty of characters and brands that some free to play battle royale players want to see in the game, and we may be about to see one of the most in-demand ones. And it is that Dragon Ball could come to Fortnite if we look at the files of the title itself.

There’s a Capsule Corp capsule in the files.Some of the main Fortnite dataminers and leakers have found references to the saga starring Goku by digging into the game. For example, in the account FortniteInfESP has shared an image of a Capsule Corp capsulethat object developed by Bulma’s company that allows you to store even houses inside.

Another of the best-known dataminers in the international community, Shiinahas confirmed that Epic has added a logo identical to that of Dragon Ball to his files, which gives strength to the information that came to him a long time ago that suggested that there could be a future collaboration between Fortnite and Dragon Ball.

Waiting for an official confirmation and if it is a direct collaboration with the series of Akira Toriyama or with some other later product with the license, for now we can settle for other crossovers. Some of video games, as in the case of Among Us, and others with extremely popular film sagas, such as Indiana Jones.

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