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We all like to talk about series for more than a decade. Fiction sagas have superseded movies and reach everyone, especially since the advent of television platforms. There is a specific number of titles that have mostly been considered as members of the top ten of the series, although their positioning, above and below, will depend on who considers it. Let’s briefly review many of the candidates: The Sopranos, TheWire, breaking bad, lost, Game of Thrones, HomelandTrue Detective, Better call Saul, Shield, The West Wing of the White House, Boston LegalThe walking dead, Women desperate, Friends, sex in new yorkPeakey blinders, sound of Anarchy, Dexter, house of cards, MandalorianRome, The Entourage, Luther, BlackMirror.

In all of them we find great characters, really unforgettable, along with high-level plots and subplots, acid and intelligent dialogues, sex, violence, traps, hooks and unlimited addiction. Coinciding with a society where everything is increasingly imminent and contingent, disposable, obsolete and programmed, the consumption of series has become institutionalized within the world millennial and the woke up as a form of socialization. Kids talk and relate to each other today through their communications while playing video games, and I wonder if cybersex will be what awaits those teenagers who are left to show each other Tik Tok videos.

However, much can be learned from watching all those wonderful series that we buy on DVD or Bluray to never enjoy them again. I think that seeing a good compilation of episodes gives us culture; perhaps not as much as reading the masterpieces of international literature, listening to eternal vinyl records or analyzing the films of Woody Allen, Clint Eastwood, Steven Spielberg or Quentin Tarantino.

Good series are also made in Spain, getting better and better. I remember, for example, the impressive review of the novel by Rafael Chirbes entitled Crematoriumeither Ironnarrating the adventures of a judge on the island of the same name. Riot gear It’s also great and I’m sure many will think of historical series like Blue summer, coffee camera, Curro Jimenez, There is no one living here, The Serranos either Tell me. There is probably room for improvement, but we can consider ourselves lucky for the average level of many of them.

Watching all those series anyone can analyze the political situation and guess what is coming next. What’s more, some of our leaders seem to make their decisions based on what they previously saw their favorite series character do. I think that the CIS should do a statistical study of the series that each national politician sees. It would help us a lot to understand them, to connect with them, to consider them to a lesser or greater extent. They are clues that could give us although, in reality, what else does it give us. Anyway, and ultimately, what is your favorite television series? What kind of ruler would he be?

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