Because they arrested Rihanna’s partner A $ AP Rocky

It landed at the airport of Los Angeles on a private jet from Barbados and was joined by police officers, who handcuffed and arrested him. It is about A $ AP Rockythe companion of Rihanna, from whom she is expecting a child. The news was reported by the American site TMZ.

Also according to TMZ, the allegations would concern a shooting dating back to 6 November 2021 in which they would be involved A $ AP Rocky and a man who was injured after an argument. LAPD says they worked with the victim to identify Rocky as the alleged culprit.

Still few details about it, but according to some sources Rocky would have shot three or four times at the man, who would have remained wounded in the hand.

An eventful life and the relationship with the prison

Born in 1988, his real name is Rakim Athelaston Mayers. Since 2020 he has a relationship with the pop star Rihanna and at the end of January 2022 the two announced they were expecting a baby.

A $ AP Rocky arrives on the scene in 2011, but his passion for music dates back to when he was just a child. He began rapping at the age of 8 inspired by figures such as the Three 6 Mafia, the Wu-Tang Clan, UGK, Run DMC and Mobb Deep.

Rocky doesn’t have an easy life. At the age of 12 his father is arrested for drug dealing and the following year his brother is murdered. He lives in a shelter with his mom in Manhattan before moving to Elmwood Park, New Jersey. Since 2012 you have often been the protagonist of violent episodes.

In that year he comes arrestedin July, for having assaulted a man accusing him of using illegal drugs in a clothing store in New York. Apparently he also attacked two photographers who were filming the fight.

The following year he goes back to prison for having beat up a woman during the Budweiser Festival Made in America. The case ends in court and the rapper is acquitted in 2015.

Then again in 2019: he is arrested in Stockholm during a European tour accused of assaulting a man. Six weeks later, Rocky is found guilty and is sentenced with a suspended sentence and an obligation to compensate the victim with 12,500 Swedish kronor, which correspond to 1,164 euros. Today the latest episode: the arrest a few hours ago for an alleged assault with a firearm.

Rumors about betrayal and the “escape” to Barbados

It’s not just the criminal record of A $ AP Rocky not to be immaculate, her love life doesn’t seem to be either. A few days ago on her social networks there was no talk of her but hers alleged betrayal of Rihanna. With whom? With the shoe designer Amina Muaddicollaborator for the Fenty brand.

The betrayal would have taken place during Paris Fashion Week in February. Eventuality corroborated by the fact that the pop star had stopped following Amina on Instagram.

The designer for her part responded by first posting a photo of Rihanna intent on wearing one of her creations, then clearly denying the news with a story in which he wrote:

I have always believed that an unfounded lie spread on social media does not deserve any response or clarification, especially if it is so vile. I initially thought that this false rumor – fabricated with such a malicious intent – would not be taken seriously. However, in the last 24 hours I have been reminded that we live in a society that talks about some topics even without having any evidence and that nothing is off limits.

A confirmed denial both from a source very close to the couple and from the two’s romantic getaway to Barbados, where they spent a few relaxing days with Rihanna’s family.

Malicious rumors of betrayal aside, at the moment the pop star and her partner have other situations to resolve. First of all, yet another trouble with the law of A $ AP Rockyand then, judging by the size of the baby bump, delivery shouldn’t be that far either.

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