Top Gun: Maverick: The Darkstar plane piloted by Tom Cruise is a prototype built by an aerospace company

In addition to the many virtues of Top Gun: Maverick, the success of the movie Joseph Kosinski is also due to the impressive aerobatics what their pilots do. Extremely precise and realistic, these scenes leave the viewer glued to the seat from the very first minutes, when Tom Cruise appears in the role of Maverick in an extraordinary aircraft that reaches speeds of Mach 10. The hypersonic jet piloted by the actor, and which has been baptized as dark star, is so realistic thanks to the work of the Lockheed Martin teams, who enlisted the help of the design office Skunk Works. Through perseverance and meticulousness, the American aircraft manufacturer finally built an incredible full size prototype capable of fooling experienced airmen. The company has revealed the secrets of creating the Darkstar in a YouTube video.

the dark starwhich has no engine, is a prototype based mainly on the SR-71 Blackbird, the United States Air Force intelligence aircraft, used until the late 1990s and capable of flying at Mach 3.3 at an altitude of 26,000 meters. The SR-72 dronewhich is expected to replace the SR-71 and evolve to Mach 6, it was also used as a model for Darkstar’s design. Built life-size, the model aims to be as faithful as possible to reality, with realistic cockpit and flight controls. Proud of its prototype, Lockheed Martin went on to say on its website: “With Skunk Works’ experience in developing the fastest aircraft known, combined with our passion and energy to define the future of aerospace, the Darkstar’s abilities could be more than fiction. They could be real.”


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