“Come and visit me at HOME! Can we have a good chat and maybe a laugh? “: The spirit of the new Rai3 prime time talk” Mi HOME es you HOME” and this. A fun, surprising and exciting chat with personalities from entertainment, culture, politics and sport, guests in the very particular HOME of the conductor who is none other than CHRISTIAN MALGIOGLIO. The atmosphere is the informal and intimate one of two friends who carve out a special moment to tell each other with an open heart, dig into the most beautiful memories and tell about overcoming the most difficult moments. All while they prepare a lunch, look at a photo album or a repertoire film, drink a coffee, sing …Read on bubinoblog


twitterInter : Thanks to William Shakespeare for the words. Oh Romelu, Romelu, welcome home. ?? #WelcomeRomelu #ForzaInter – enpaonlus : Let’s help little Daniel get home … @enpaarezzo @lazampa @zampa_qua @ massimo4951 @ chruggeriTg2 … – CardRavasi : If you want to build the house of happiness, remember that the largest room must be the waiting room (Jules Renard) – innocent_evas : RT @parlaredime: When you find the person capable of making you feel safe, can you say that you have found your home? Hello twitterini ?? … – twenty4 hours : Nights of stars at the Jorio Vivarelli Foundation studio house. Tonight the Argentine Tango is the protagonist –

Mazda CX – 60: new low-emission 6-cylinder diesel engine

read also Mazda CX – 60 PHEV: the premium SUV with longitudinal engine Within the next three years, the Home Hiroshima will launch five new electrified products, starting in 2025, the brand …

Aareal Bank pushes higher

Closing on 5 July New bullish point for the German bank, part of the MDAX, which earns well and leads to home a + 1.4%. Today’s operations: The technical situation highlights a propensity to buy Aareal Bank at current prices of 28.9 Euros, with a stop loss identified in the area of ​​27 Euros, favoring …

  1. Brittney Griner, American basketball player detained in Russia writes to Biden: “Take me home” RaiNews
  2. Brittney Griner writes to Joe Biden: “Please take me home” The Voice of New York
  3. NBA, Brittney Griner and the appeal to Biden: “I’m terrified: please take me home” Sky Sports
  4. Brittney Griner, the US women’s basketball star detained in Russia writes to Biden: “Take me back to … Daily fact

He barricades himself in the house and sets fire to the apartment, arrested

He barricaded himself in the house, set the apartment on fire and, when the carabinieri arrived, he threw himself at them with kicks and punches. (ANSA) …

Plan de Corones, in South Tyrol great success for the fashion show “Bluehouse, the house you wear”

Great success in the interior spaces of the Lumen Museum for the fashion show “Bluehouse, the house you wear”. The event took place in conjunction with the opening of the first evening dedicated to Kronp …

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