Love and Thunder’ has an unexpected ending according to Taika Waititi

If there is something unexpected in the films of Taika Waititi, are the details of his jokes. We know that they will be there, that the purpose of making us laugh with crazy situations and dialogues constitutes one of their most deeply rooted and grateful customs, that they have no intention of losing it and that we are glad of it. Thus, although we are aware of what is proposed, it manages to disconcert us based on good. And now says closing Thor: Love and Thunder we won’t see it coming.

“The end of this movie is so cool, so satisfying and so unexpected for this character…”, he comments to the magazine Empire referring to the fate of the God of Thunder, whom the Australian Chris Hemsworth has played in nine feature films of the saga so far; and he continues: “I’d like to get out before the audience says, ‘We’re sick of you’… But, if we come up with an idea that’s surprising and new to the audience, I’m always open for conversation.”

We do not think that viewers are going to get tired of Taika Waititi in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as they would not get tired of his cousin James Gunn, more serious in the treatment but with whom he shares his cheeky humorous vein, less beast perhaps in the case of the director of the antipodes. But we do agree with him that the protagonist of Thor: Love and Thunder ends up in a surprising position after some pretty unexpected twists in the last stretch.

Some final twists with more feeling in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

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However, the turns with which Chris Hemsworth’s film ends are related to the director’s determination to offer the public more than laughter. “As irreverent as a filmmaker that Taika is, all his movies have a tremendous amount of heart”, assures Tessa Thompson, who plays the Valkyrie since Thor: Ragnarök (2017). “[Y] This one has maybe more than what we’ve seen in other parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.” Well, maybe not to that extent.

I wanted to lean a little more into the drama of this film and in some of the more emotional aspects”, recognizes Taika Waititi. “In my movies, I love when people laugh and cry, and I don’t think people have cried in ragnarok”. There was no need to; we were very happy with how much we woke up thanks to his delirium. But here he wants to propose an adventure “that touches on this idea of ​​love in all the different forms that can exist”. And he gets it.

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