Kevin Feige debunks rumors about Marvel and Natalie Portman

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In an interview for a magazine, the president of Marvel Studios was asked, Kevin Feigabout the separation between Marvel Studios and Natalie Portman that until Thor: Love and Thunder seemed irrevocable. Feige revealed that, for him, the separation was not like that and she always had the feeling that if it was an interesting role she would be willing to return.

Portman herself has repeated in previous interviews that she is now in the business of impressing her children and that she doesn’t know if she will ever get over this.

When director Taika Waititi started writing Thor: Love and Thunderhe didn’t intend to include Jane Foster or a female Thor, but as he wrote it, he thought, “Wouldn’t it be great and unexpected to bring Jane? Go back to that story?«. So Waititi made a trip to Portman’s house and pitched the idea to him.

Portman wasn’t too surprised, saying, “It was not entirely surprising that there was an idea» to bring her back. However, what he totally excited her about was her becoming the Mighty Thor.

It wasn’t entirely surprising that there was an idea. But it was completely exciting that she became the Mighty Thor. She felt like something new in the way of making these kinds of movies, and it was exactly what I was going to be able to do.

But instead of Thor: Love and Thunder revolved around what Mighty Thor’s identity is, like in the comics, it became around how and why Jane has suddenly become Mighty Thor. Feige joked that he’s pretty accurate when it comes to a lot of aspects of the comic, before sharing his belief that only someone like Waititi is able to navigate between the comic and the tragic when it comes to the kind of twist that’s on film.

One of my favorite parts of the movie is Taika’s twist between the fun rock and roll and what Jane is doing. It’s the kind of twist that only Taika can do, navigating between the comic and the tragic with no distance.

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