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The actor allowed himself to be interviewed by a little boy who was his fan.


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Keanu Reeves has stood out for being a very charismatic and humble celebrity, and he never disappoints his fans. This time the actor went viral after a fan encounter at the airport.

All this happened upon his arrival in New York, where he met a boy who was his fan, and with the simplicity that characterizes him, he agreed to be interviewed by him. Fortunately, television producer Andrew Kimmel witnessed and documented the conversation.

The moment recorded by Andrew himself was later posted on his Twitter page.. Also, the producer said that the fan began to ask Keanu questions, who very kindly answered him.

“Keanu Reeves was on my flight from London to New York today. A kid asked for an autograph in the luggage then started firing off a series of quick questions. Keanu happily answered each one,” she wrote.

Kimmel even wrote down all the questions and answers that the little boy asked him, where it was revealed that the actor had been in London recording a documentary, in addition to exchanging comments about F1.

In addition, Reeves also revealed that he would only spend five days in New York City to see a play on Broadway, and that he currently lives in Los Angeles, California. After the boy ran out of questions, the protagonist of ‘Constantine’ also asked him some, asking him why he was going to Europe and which gallery he would visit in Paris.

The video was applauded not only by his fans, but also by the public, so it went viral, and where the comments highlighted that the world needed more people like Keanu Reeves.

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