Johnny Depp does not want to return to work in any way with Disney

The legendary American actor considers that the mouse company flouted his dignity and reputation because of his ex-wife’s accusations.

Although there were a number of rumors that Disney I’d be trying to find again Johnny Depp To count on his acting services, an agent close to the actor confirmed that the legendary American star has no plans to work again with the renowned entertainment company.

Depp will not play the captain again Jack Sparrow. Although some media assured that Disney finally reopened the doors to the actor after his defamation trial, Johnny will not forgive the humiliation he suffered before the company after losing his iconic character.

Johnny Depp had already said that he has no interest in returning to Disney because of the way the company treated him after the accusations of his ex-wife, also an actress. Amber Heard.

Now his representative assured that the news that Depp had received a millionaire offer from Disney to give life to the character in the sixth installment of the saga, is not true.

“They have invented it,” he said, assuring that Johnny is not in talks with the company.

Right now, Depp is in France recording his first movie in years, where he will be playing the King Louis XV of France, a performance that promises to bring him back to the climax of popularity that he has always used to have.

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