Jennifer Lopez changes hair color: switch to cool brown

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are back together 20 years later, the pop star received a second engagement ring from the actor. That this time the actor wanted to do things even bigger with a ring with a green stone, a very rare variety of diamond.

The marriage proposal, which did not materialize the first time, came in a bathtub, said Jennifer Lopez, showing more closely the 8.5 carat diamond that high jewelry experts estimate has a value between 5 and 10 million dollars, the equivalent of approximately 9 million and 200 thousand euros.

Jennifer Lopez changes hair color

Love seems to be going great, but professional milestones for Jennifer Lopez also come all the time. Among the latest projects, for example, a make-up line that bears her name. In general we are used to seeing her more glamorous than ever on stages, red carpets and in shootings but the latest social photos of her are very different.

She has transformed into a ‘career woman’ but without sacrificing style, of course. In the shots she poses with a simple white satin blouse worn slightly unbuttoned at the neck and a pair of ice-colored satin trousers with matching belts. Around her neck a necklace with a heart pendant. A very bon-ton version.

jennifer lopez hair changes color brown
jennifer lopez hair changes color brown

But it was the star’s hair, who decided to change color again. She chose a “mushroom brown”, that is a cold brown that starts from a preferably dark base and is faceted in shades of gray and ash thanks to the balayage technique. You like it? How many will take inspiration from her?

Jennifer Lopez, goodbye long hair: twisted look

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