“Dark tunnel, but I’m out”

Patrick Lumumba was arrested for the murder of Meredith Kercher committed in Perugia in November 2007 but after 14 days in his cell he was released from prison because he was recognized as totally unrelated to that crime and immediately acquitted. Where have you been? He changed his life, he moved to Poland with his wife and two children and to Krakow is the majority shareholder of a sub-contracting company. “It was very, very, very hard, a very dark tunnel but now thank God I’m out of it”, he told ANSA. When he became involved in the Kercher case by the statements of Amanda Knox, Definitely condemned for slander against her, Lumumba ran a pub in the historic center of Perugia which was then forced to close.

The new life of Lumumba

For Lumumba “It’s practically impossible to forget what happened. I’ll take it to my grave”. Even in Poland someone knows Patrick as “that of the Perugia crime”. “The general public does not – he precised – even if more than someone I have been solicited to go on television but I have never accepted “. “However, we must always remember – he then added – that the real victim was Meredith, although I have always considered myself the latter. I found myself in jail, innocent, not knowing what happened. The first three days I was in solitary confinement were the hardest. You opened the window and there was only one wall. Nothing else”. Decisive to prove that Lumumba was not in the murder house while Meredith was being killed was the testimony of a Swiss professor customer of his pub. It was he who told the investigators that at that moment he was at work.

The words about Amanda Knox

“The witnesses who went to the police to defend me were many. The professor was still fundamental. I wanted to offer him the wine he had drunk in the pub but he insisted on paying. For the judiciary, proof is needed and he had the receipt that showed how the place was open “he recalled. They were in Lumumba awarded eight thousand euros for unjust detention. “The state – he has declared – he just counts the days and for each there is a figure. According to the law, however, it is the culprit who pays the damage and therefore in my case Amanda, but I received nothing from her. I should do something in the US but I gave up because she is considered a victim there and it would have been very difficult “.

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