Criticism of “Hidden Evil”, sinister thriller about marriage with Nicolas Cage

Wednesday, July 06, 2022

hidden evil (Grand Isle, 2019) or caught in the storm as it was marketed at the time, it is a thriller of three characters locked in a house. However, the low-budget proposal directed by Stephen Campanelli works because of the good performance of its protagonists.

Buddy (Luke Benward) is married with a 6-month-old daughter. His marriage is not going well emotionally or financially. So when he is offered to repair a perimeter fence before the storm for a large sum of money, he gladly accepts. But the rain came early and he must spend the night with the strange couple who hires him.

They are Walter (Cage) and Fancy (KaDee Strickland) and they have just celebrated the 15th anniversary of their marriage but, far from the romantic celebration, they spend their time criticizing each other. A passive-aggressive relationship that detonates with the presence of the young carpenter.

The film begins with Buddy being questioned by the police accused of murder. His version of events is the story of the movie. This resource promotes intrigue in a plot in which any character can react unexpectedly to the manipulation of the other.

hidden evil It is a correct film that, without standing out, fulfills its objective. Nicolas Cage puts his outbursts of madness at the service of the story, in the role of a depressive-violent loser with touches of humor, which makes the production extremely attractive.

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