Meryl Streep loses her voice

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05 Jul 2022 . Updated at 05:00.

When Francesca is in the middle of that Iowa town and meets Robert for the first time, she gives him directions. He is lost and she guides him without knowing what awaits them around those corners. bridges of madison. Francesca writes him that wonderful note in which she summons him to her first date when the fireflies take flight and while she writes down those words, the viewers read each one of them guided by her inner voice. That voice, Francesca’s, Meryl Streep’s in all of her films, is that of emotion. The one that resonates with the same force when Karen Blixen falls in love with Denis in memories of africa and with his particular Danish accent he drags us into his wonderful relationship. His words are repeated in another memory, mine, in the farewell to Denis at the top of the hill while reading aloud the poem by Alfred E. Housman: Wise he who knows how to escape quickly where glory does not last…. And that voice leads me, unmistakably, to Joanna, Billy’s mother in Kramer vs. Kramer, the first divorce on the big screen in which a woman lovingly renounces her son. Joanna breaks down on the stand, and in that legal battle with her ex, we all shed her tears. The same ones that the dubbing actress cried in Spain Rose Guin, passed away a few days ago. She was Karen, Francesca and Joanna, she was our Meryl Streep; her voice stays with us forever.

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