From superhero to villain: Chris Hemsworth looks unrecognizable in his ‘Mad Max Furiosa’ character | TV and Show

The actor, who is used to seeing one of Marvel’s most iconic superheroes, surprised with his look for ‘Mad Max Furiosa’, where he plays the villain of the film.

Some images of the filming set of the next installment of Mad Max ‘Furiosa’, in which Chris Hemsworth plays a major role as a villain. Just days before the premiere of Thor: Love and Thunderthe actor looks unrecognizable in his new look.

The photos, as expected, leaked on Twitter this July 4, where Hemsworth was captured while having coffee behind the scenes. But he had the look on.

Chris Hemsworth changed his superhero cape, left the hammer behind and radically transformed into ‘Dementus’, the main villain of the film. Over there, he is seen with a new reddish hair color, mustache and a braided beard.

The new installment of mad max It is the sequel to the already released fury on the roadwhich is scheduled for 2024. For now, few details of its history are known.

The film, like its predecessor, will be directed by George Miller. And the cast is made up of sought-after faces of the show such as actress Anya Taylor-Joy, while supporting roles include Tom Burke and Nathan Jones.

The production received a $175 million film incentive and spent a total of $233 millions in Australia, being the most expensive shoot in the country’s cinematographic history.

Also, some images of the set are also circulating and how some scenes are being filmed on a road specially adapted for filming. In the photos, you can see some motorcycles and other vehicles.

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