Chelsea thinks about it, Barcelona talks to Mendes

The Portuguese leaving Manchester United is in the plans of the new owner of the Blues. The Catalan option on the edge of the impossible

In some respects the summer of the fans of the Manchester United recalls that 2021 for the “colleagues” of the Juventus. Indeed, to be precise, he remembers it for one aspect in particular: the situation Cristiano Ronaldo. Last year the Portuguese had tried in every way to force the exit, which came right near the gong of the transfer market, and now there is a sort of déjà vu: CR7 has not returned to Manchester for training because he wants to change the air. and, above all, still playing in the Champions League. Only the options for someone like him, 37 years and a salary of 25 million euros a yearare reduced to a flicker.

Discard Manchester Citywho has already taken Haaland and in any case it would be a kind of betrayal towards the Red Devils, and Paris Saint-Germainwho is embarking on a new path given the decision to sell Neymar (without forgetting the presence in the team of Mbappé and Messi), only Bayern Munich, Barcelona and above all Chelsea.

The Bavarians are stonewalling Barça on the sale of Lewandowski but, even if they enter the order of ideas to give up the Pole, they would hardly bet on Ronaldo, it is a type of operation – for costs and age – that it is not part of the way of acting of the Germans, not by chance more interested in Osimhen. The Barcelona idea was born in the wake of yesterday’s AS indiscretion, the conversation between Laporta and Jorge Mendes: it looks more like a proposal from the prosecutor to the president blaugrana but if Lewandowski does not arrive … Of course, imagine seeing CR7 in the Barcelona jersey, in Messi’s “fiefdom”, also considering the club’s economic situation, it seems very very difficult.

And then Chelsea does not remain, it is precisely the new president Boehly who dreams of CR7 as a blow for the fans and to replace Lukaku. According to The Independent, the Portuguese is ready to cut your salary, even in an important way. So it would be possible to see Ronaldo and De Ligt with the same shirt: after Juventus, that of the Blues.

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