Where to see ‘Centaurs of the desert’ tonight, the best western in the history of cinema

The wide range of programs, series and movies offered on the different streaming platforms will not be able to beat an important rival: the movie of the night on television. Either because of the routine that leads one to lie down on the sofa or because, simply, having so much on offer makes one decide to watch what television offers; In the end, the movie of the night remains as the protagonist in many more homes than it seems.

Those with sleep problems will also know that there is a specific genre that helps like no other to be able to sleep properly: the western. A genre that pays homage to the history of the American continent and that became a star between the 1930s and 1960s. Proof of this is the title offered tonight by La 1 at 10:00 p.m. desert centaurs (1956), directed by the legendary John Ford.


Poster for ‘Centaurs of the desert’ (1956).


A western in which John Wayne returns as the protagonist of a story that this time takes place three years after the American Secession War. Ethan Edwards (Wayne), a lonely man, returns to his home defeated. The persecution of the Comanches who have kidnapped one of his nieces becomes his way of life, both for him and for Martin (Jeffrey Hunter), a mestizo boy adopted by his family.

Almost two hours of film in which movie lovers can enjoy a true work of cinematographic art, which transcends the genre to become a classic. An extraordinary beginning and end in a story about the search for himself of one of the most misunderstood and darkest heroes in the history of cinema.

Still from 'Centaurs of the Desert' (1956), by John Ford.

Still from ‘Centaurs of the Desert’ (1956), by John Ford.

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A hero who perfectly embodies Wayne in what could be the best role of his career, reflecting those dark feelings about his past and letting himself be carried away so that the viewer feels his emotions. A brilliant performance that is joined by those of other legendary actors of the time, such as that of the aforementioned Jeffrey Hunter, Vera Mills, Natalie Wood or Ken Curtis.

A shooting full of stars in which there was no lack of anecdotes

Despite the fact that she was only 18 years old, Natalie Wood already had almost forty titles behind her. The actress also studied when she had the opportunity, and John Wayne was the one who had to pick her up at school so she could attend the shoot on time, something that caused a revolution among her classmates every time she appeared with the brand new car. she. At that time, John Wayne was already a star, and he himself considered that this was the role of his career. So much so that his little son was named Ethan Wayne in his honor.

Still from 'Centaurs of the Desert' (1956), by John Ford.

Still from ‘Centaurs of the Desert’ (1956), by John Ford.

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As with his other works, John Ford caused a revolution at the time by insisting on hiring ‘real’ extras for his film, on the same terms as the rest of his crew. In this case, he had the collaboration of members of the Navajo, who thanked him for bringing so many jobs to his community.

This western is a work of cinematic art

A film that marked not only an era, but also the history of cinema. Directors such as Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas or Jean-Luc Godard consider this film as one of the most influential in their careers.

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