Tom Cruise and his pact with the devil: his secrets to get young at 60

Proast the years and the actor Tom Cruise He continues to surprise everyone with his longevity to the point that it seems that time does not pass by him, despite his 60 years. During his appearance on the Cannes Film Festival 2022 a few weeks ago, where he presented his new film “Top Gun: Maverick” it’s hard to think that almost four decades have passed since he filmed Top Gun and he still has gorgeous skin, a well-crafted slender figure and impeccable hair.

According to Telva magazine, the reason is the great discipline that the actor has with his body and the money he invests in different treatments to stay young. But also, quote Dr. J.avier Prez, from the Marbella Premium Clinic: “It is clear that he must have good genetics” and you should also use treatments such as: “Hyaluronic acid, tensor threads… And possibly using equipment such as lasers, radiofrequency and ultrasound.”

These are some of the treatments that Tom Cruise can use to stay young:

firm skin

In accordance with Carmen Lorentedirector of the medical area of The Beauty Concept, in Spain, Tom Cruise have “a splendid face, and very masculinized because there are men who run undergo treatments that feminize their features.”

For his part, Cruise is a defender of the effects of Ultherapy, the most performed treatment in the USA “because it achieves a wonderful lifting effect with a single annual session”.

minimally invasive facelift

The doctor Paolo Facchinia doctor in the center’s aesthetic medicine area, explains that Tom Cruise it conserves the mobility in its skin, but conserves wrinkles in the “crow’s feet” and the “frown” indispensable for the actors. Although her face also retains a magnificent texture, with firm skin and a good definition in the facial oval and the mandibular angle.

This effect can be achieved with minimally invasive treatments with collagen inducers (Radiesse), which provide firmness and a lifting effect without giving unwanted volume. Other treatments are invasive such as a mini surgical lifting of the lower third and neck. In the case of the protagonist of Top Gun, his face maintains his characteristic features, a healthy and natural appearance. doctor Paolo Facchinei, doctor of the area of ​​aesthetic medicine The Beauty Concept

Dr. Paolo Facchinei, doctor of The Beauty Concept

hyaluronic acid

According to experts from the Mira+Cueto clinicin Spain, in case Tom Cruise If you have decided to have a facial treatment, this should undoubtedly consider the use of hyaluronic acid at the level of the deep malar fat area just above the nasolabial fold.

“He has an overprojection in the anterior malar area that is not seen in his previous photos, in the cheekbones, typically male, which were flatter,” they indicate.

In images from a year ago, a weight gain and loss of definition of the facial contours can be seen as a consequence. However, it maintains that anterior overprojection in the cheekbone that would indicate the presence of implants with hyaluronic acid.

Mira+Cueto Clinic

Rigorous exercise and diet

In addition to any aesthetic treatment, actually, Tom Cruise He is famous for his disciplined exercise (jogging, climbing), as well as a diet that respects the rule of small portions throughout the day (about 15 that are prepared by various personal chefs) to maintain energy. In addition, their diet is low in carbohydrates and high in proteins such as grilled meat and fish.

“Your physique is a consequence of many things: a healthy diet that includes a diet rich in superfoods, doing cardio, strength or weight exercises so you don’t lose muscle, yoga to relax your mind.

Another of its keys is to grow old with a positive attitude towards life, so you can follow an anti-aging therapy supervised by a doctor to help you take supplements that you lack

Natalia de la Vega, director of Tacha Beauty

platelet rich plasma

The expert in beauty, aesthetics and well-being details that Tom Cruise “You are surely a fan of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments that are applied to both the face and the entire body to improve the texture of your skin. You can resort to vitamins although it has a good base on the face and maintains its firmness”Be the.

Platelet-rich plasma eliminates marks, leaves a luminous complexion and faded wrinkles. This is a plasma fraction of autologous blood (taken from the patient himself) that is centrifuged to extract plasma, which has a high concentration of platelets. It is then injected to stimulate fibroblasts and increase skin collagen.

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