The unsinkable Kate Winslet

The actress, in an image from the series ‘Mare of Easttown’.

Kate it’s a lot Winslet. Professionally, but especially personally. In that british and hard character forged for years in the face of misfortune. Because as well she said Marie Antoinette, the last queen of France, “only in the face of adversity do you really know who you are”. And the British actress, who never had it easy (not at all!), is aware of her many lights (and also shadows): singer, dancer, healthy woman (but not obsessed with her body and figure), but above all excellent. actress. She is the protagonist of memorable roles such as the unsinkable Rose DeWitt Bukater in titanica (a role she accepted after the recommendation of her close friend emma thompson), or the tormented april wheeler in Revolutionary Road. And also the undisputed star of Mare of Easttown (HBO), already considered by many as one of the best series of the decade.

And just like in fiction, everything Winslet touches in reality also turns to gold. In fact, the actress from Reading, a town halfway between London and Oxford, is experiencing glory days as a businesswoman. She has just found a buyer for the famous duplex that she acquired in Manhattan for four million euros with her ex-husband, the filmmaker Sam Mendes, in 2004. A VIP step on the heights for which he paid an eye of the face at the worst real estate moment, and from which it has taken him years to get rid of. Anyone does not negotiate in millions, you know.

But finally, with determination and tenacity, the sale has been closed for 4.3 million euros, 300,000 less (yes) than the amount that Winslet initially requested. Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, toilet, kitchen, office, living room with fireplace and a huge terrace. The Big Apple, without a doubt, is worth it.

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