The daughters of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, Emme Maribel Muñiz and Seraphina Affleck, get along very well: these photos prove it | Famous

During the years that the singer and the actor were separated, both continued with their lives and had children with their respective partners.

The daughters of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are very close

The love between the actors is not the only thing that has caught the attention of the spotlight, the relationship between their children has also captured the eyes of the followers of ‘Bennifer’ (as their fans call the couple).

On more than one occasion, Seraphina and Emme have been captured together by the paparazzi cameras and in the photographs they can be seen smiling and even holding hands.

For example, on December 18, 2021 they went shopping with the protagonist of ‘Batman’ and both were very happy. On that occasion, Emme wore jeans, a white shirt adorned with blue flowers and tennis shoes. Seraphina, for her part, wore dark pants, a black shirt and a brown sweater.

Previously, on December 4, 2021, the young women appeared walking through the streets of California and, while their parents held hands, they shared their headphones with a big smile on their faces.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck boast beautiful family outings

On more than one occasion, JLo has mentioned that this stage of her life is “the best time”, so she does not hesitate to walk hand in hand with her fiancé, as well as accompanied by her and Affleck’s children.

In this regard, in an interview for the ‘Good Morning America’ program on June 9, 2022, the protagonist of ‘Wedding Expert’ (you can watch the movie ‘Wedding Expert’ for free on ViX) confessed if she plans to build a family with His couple.

“I love my career, but nothing is more rewarding to me than being able to build a family with someone I love dearly and who is as dedicated to family and each other as we can be. (…) I love the idea of ​​the future and what we can create, but I really just want to savor the moment. I just want to be really present as much as I can,” she pointed out.

JLo revealed her secret to having a healthy relationship

The first time that the singer and the actor had a relationship was in 2002, after meeting on the set of the movie ‘Gigli’; However, they ended their courtship and their commitment some time later.

In this new opportunity, there are few times when they share details about their romance, in this regard, in an interview for ‘People’ magazine on February 1, 2022, the Hollywood star assured that “love governs everything” .

“Love always conquers all: relationships, children, work, work relationships. It’s about how loving, open, and tolerant you can be. Not having an ego about things and just embracing all that is good, always looking at the positive. When you’re in a good, healthy relationship, everyone benefits from it. All”.

Tell us, what do you think of the beautiful relationship between the daughters of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, Emme and Seraphine? What do you think of the tender family outings of ‘Bennifer’?

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