Minecraft pays tribute to Technoblade by adding its avatar of a pig with a crown in the launcher

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We recently told you about the sensitive death of the popular Minecraft youtuber Technoblade, who left at the early age of 23 as a victim of cancer, news confirmed by his family with a farewell video recorded by himself.

And now as a tribute, Mojang, the studio behind and developer of Minecraft, updated the video game’s launcher, including a tribute to Alex, the youtuber’s real name.

You can read: Technoblade, the popular Minecraft youtuber victim of cancer, dies at 23: “Hello everyone, Technoblade here. If you’re watching this. I’m dead”

Opening the launcher, we can find Technoblade’s in-game avatar on the home screen, which was a pig with a crown.

As expected, several fans have received this gesture from Mojang in a good way, thanking them for having added, in a certain way, the popular member of the Minecraft community in the launcher, in addition to indicating that the decision has reached their hearts.

A tribute that will also help keep the youtuber forever in the memory of the Minecraft community, who still mourn his departure.

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