Gorr vs Thor and his new weapon in an epic preview of Love and Thunder

MADRID, 4 Jul. (CultureLeisure) –

Only days to go hit theaters Thor: Love and Thunder. And while fans impatiently await the release of the film directed by Taika Waititi, a new advance published by Marvel shows an epic confrontation between Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder Y Gorr, the Butcher of the Gods by Christian Baleone of the most terrifying villains in the MCU.

a new preview barely 30 seconds long showing unpublished images of the film with Thor facing the fearsome deity slayer and making use of his powers in entirely new ways…and even wielding a new weapon.

To stop the fearsome enemy that threatens to destroy the gods and to stop him, he will be forced not only to resort to Russell Crowe’s Zeusbut will also turn to the rest of the gods.

“Today we will fight”, the God of Thunder tells them from a viking ship to the gods that seem willing to listen to him, urging them that if they are willing to follow him into battle, they must fight for their lives. And for that, Thor will use all his power in a unique way, leading him inevitably to what will be his great battle with the Butcher of the Gods, who seems to be really excited to be able to face the son of Odin.

In the frenetic succession of images in which in addition to seeing the Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster With Already Cast in Mighty ThorWielding the powers of Mjolnir, or Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie on her winged white steed, it also shows how the God of Thunder is capable of wielding the lord of Olympus’ thunderbolt and all the power it harbors within.

Thus, this new and brutal advance shows as he is able to generate a force field around him or to deploy all his power for deal with him to Gorr and his deadly necro-sword in what seems like a dark dimension where shadows reign. A brutal combat that, as the clip already anticipates, will force Thor to work hard.

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