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Madrid, Jun 29 (EFE).- Chris Pratt in the role of a Marine involved in a conspiracy (“The Final List”), a story about Eva Perón produced by Salma Hayek (“Santa Evita”) or a police movie starring Andrew Garfield (“By mandate of heaven”) are some of the new series that arrive on platforms in the month of July. These are the most outstanding:

“THE FINAL LIST”, July 1 on Prime Video

Based on a novel by Jack Carr, “The Final List” follows Marine James Reece (Chris Pratt) who, returning home from an ambush on a high-stakes operation, uncovers a conspiracy.

Pratt is executive produced by Jon Schumacher, Antoine Fuqua (“The Equalizer,” “Training Day”) and writer/showrunner David DiGilio.


A group of friends hit the road on an aimless journey in which they end up finding themselves.

The series, a drama with six half-hour episodes, is created by Jaime Olías and Pablo Sanhermelando; in the cast, Naira Lleó, Malva Vela, Gabriel Guevara, Óscar Ortuño, Nadia al Saidi and Sergi Méndez.

“TWO YEARS AND ONE DAY”, July 3 in Atresplayer Premium

Arturo Valls plays a famous actor and presenter who ends up in jail for a religious offense in a plot that is reminiscent of the case of the Spanish actor Guillermo Toledo.

Carlos Ferrer (Valls) has a perfect life until his appearance at the proclamation of Carzuelo de la Frontera dressed as the Virgen del Cierzo unleashes the indignation of the coastal lawyers’ association and ends up in jail.

“THE LONGEST NIGHT,” July 8 on Netflix

A group of armed men surround the Monte Baruca prison and cut off communications with the outside in order to capture Simón Lago (Luis Callejo), a dangerous serial killer. If the guards hand him over, the assault will be over in a matter of minutes, but Hugo (Alberto Ammann), the prison director, refuses to obey.

Action series created by Víctor Sierra and Xosé Morais and directed by Óscar Pedraza. Bárbara Goenaga, José Luis García Pérez and Roberto Álamo complete the cast.


Suspense miniseries that adapts the criminal memoirs of James Keene and Hillel Levin, with Taron Egerton and Paul Walter leading a cast that also includes the recently deceased Ray Liotta.

Star high school football player, son of decorated cop and drug dealer Jimmy Keene is sentenced to 10 years in prison; They offer to lighten his sentence in exchange for befriending and getting a confession from suspected serial killer Larry Hall.

“THE GIRL FROM PLAINVILLE”, July 10 on Starzplay

Starring Elle Fanning, the series takes up the real case of Michelle Carter, convicted in 2014 of having incited her boyfriend to suicide via text messages. Liz Hannah and Patrick Macmanus have co-written, produced and directed it.

“DARK WINDS,” July 21 on AMC

Suspense series based on the novels by Tony Hillerman “Leaphorn & Chee”, produced by George RR Martin (‘Game of Thrones’) and Robert Redford and created by Graham Roland, tells the story of two police officers looking for clues to solve a double murder in a Navajo Nation town near Monument Valley in 1971.

FORWARD, July 22 on Apple TV

Based on the book “Just Don’t Fall” by Paralympic athlete and writer Josh Sundquist, this series developed by Matt Fleckenstein follows 12-year-old Josh Dubin as he goes from being homeschooled to public school, with everyone the challenges that this entails.

“THE CLEANER”, July 25 on Movistar +

English adaptation of the German cult series “Der Tatortreiniger”, created by and starring British comedian Greg Davies. Each episode tells an independent story and has a special cameo, the first guest is Helena Bonham Carter.

Wicky is a professional crime scene cleaner. When the police have done their job for him, he walks in armed with the latest sanitation products and gets to work.

“SANTA EVITA”, July 26 on Disney +

With Salma Hayek as producer and Rodrigo García directing, “Santa Evita” adapts the novel by Argentine writer Tomás Eloy Martínez that follows the intriguing story of Eva Perón’s embalmed body after her death.

Shot in Buenos Aires, with more than 120 actors and 1,300 extras, it features Natalia Oreiro (Eva Perón), Ernesto Alterio (Colonel Moori Koenig) and Diego Velázquez (Mariano), in addition to the special participation of Francesc Orella and Darío Grandinetti as Juan Sunday Peron.

“BY HEAVEN’S MANDATE”, July 27 on Disney +

Andrew Garfield (“The Amazing Spiderman”) and Daisy Edgar-Jones (“Normal People”) star in this series inspired by Jon Krakauer’s bestseller about the practice of polygamy among fundamentalist Mormons.

Garfield is a Mormon detective whose beliefs are put to the test as he investigates the 1984 murder of Brenda Wright (Edgar-Jones) and her young daughter in a Salt Lake City, Utah neighborhood.

“PAPER GIRLS”, July 29 on Amazon Prime Video

Based on a comic book by Brian K. Vaughan illustrated by Cliff Chiang, the series follows four young newspaper delivery girls who one morning after Halloween in 1988 find themselves caught up in a war between time travelers and on an adventure to save the world. .

“FANATIC”, July 29 on Netflix

A Latin trap star in Spain takes his own life in front of his fans at the first concert of a world tour. Lázaro, a young food delivery man and unconditional supporter, sees an opportunity to escape from his monotonous and precarious life.

Series of five 20-minute episodes, created by Dani del Águila, Federico Maniá and Yago de Torres and directed by Roger Gual, with Argentinean Lorenzo Ferro (“El Ángel”, 2018) leading the cast.

“UNCOUPLED,” July 29 on Netflix

Neil Patrick Harris stars in this comedy created by Darren Star (“Emily in Paris,” “Sex and the City”), in which Michael’s perfect life is turned upside down when his hedge fund manager husband leaves him after 17 years of relationship. EFE


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