America is excited about a new jewel in defense

During the match against Atlas, América played with several homegrown players and one of them made the fans fall in love.

America can afford to dream big with its Core Forces.
© picture 7America can afford to dream big with its Core Forces.

The tie between America Y Atlas left nothing happy to the azulcrema fans, who at the end of the match booed Fernando Ortíz’s team at the Azteca Stadium. The good news of this bitter debut was the irruption of a youth squad who paints for great things.

The eleven that Tano sent to the field caused surprise, since he relied on two elements of the Basic Forces: Román Martínez and emilio larathe latter a defender who had already shown his quality in preseason, but who in the first official match of the Liga MX showed that he has a fairly high ceiling.

His performance against the Foxes was so good that won 75% of duelswas precise and sure in the passes and got 13 recoveries throughout 90 minutes, which was vital to keep the zero in the goal of the Eagles.

The fans begin to fall in love with Emilio Lara

Hardly a game goes, but several on social networks fans of America were full of praise for the 20-year-old Mexican centre-back, who seems to do the impossible to fight for the starting position with Sebastián Cáceres, Bruno Valdez, Jorge Meré (if he continues) and Néstor Araujo.

There are soccer players who take advantage of that opportunity and don’t let it go, that must be yours Emilio Lara“; “Yes or yes, he must continue to be the owner“; “dshowed that he is ready to be a starter in the first team“; “is giving a central defense masterclass“, expressed some followers of the Eagles.

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