Amber Heard calls for Johnny Depp libel verdict to be overturned

More than a month after the verdict of the defamation trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp was known, the actress has asked a Virginia state judge to annul it, alleging that the evidence does not hold up, as her team had announced. legal they would do. According to Heard’s legal team, Depp was unable to prove that the actor’s career and reputation were affected by Heard’s opinion piece published in Washington Post in 2018.

In a 43-page motion, Heard asks that the previous trial be vacated because the trial would not have been supported by that evidence. In its task of reviewing any non-rigorous elements in the trial, his legal team has also found another issue to examine: one of the jurors lied or was mistaken when writing his date of birth.

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According to Heard’s legal team, Depp was unable to prove that his career was affected by his ex-wife’s defamation.


Amber Heard speaks with her attorney, Elaine Bredehoft, at her trial against her ex-husband, Johnny Depp.


The document that Heard has presented affirms, according to The New York Postthat Depp “proceeded solely on a theory of libel by implication, abandoning any claim that Ms Heard’s statements were in fact false”.

“Mr. Depp did not submit evidence of any pecuniary damage suffered in the limited period of December 18, 2018 to November 2, 2020 as a result of the op-ed,” the motion reads. “There was no evidence of any lost projects or business opportunities. because of the opinion piece.”

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On juror 15, the one that gave an incorrect date of birth, Heard’s legal team puts on the table that he may even have been illegally selected by changing his year of birth during jury selection. He wrote down 1945 instead of his actual birth year, 1970.

“This discrepancy raises the question of whether juror 15 actually received a jury summons and whether he was properly vetted by the court for jury duty,” Heard’s motion says. Depp’s attorney, Ben Chew, emailed CourthouseNews saying that Heard’s presentation was “what we expected, only longer, more substantive”.

Johnny Depp and his lawyer Camille Vasquez hug

Johnny Depp and his lawyer Camille Vasquez hug at the end of the trial.

Third parties


Depp, 58, sued Heard for defamation alleging it damaged his career in the 2018 op-ed on Washington Post. In it she alleged that she was a victim of domestic abuse, and although she did not explicitly name the actor, she left little doubt as to whom she was referring to.

In last month’s verdict, the jury awarded Depp $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages, although Virginia law restricted the total to $10.3 million. Heard, 36, who countersued Depp in the proceedings, was awarded $2 million for one of his claims.

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