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Take note: this is what you should do if an older adult falls
Take note: this is what you should do if an older adult falls. Photo: Getty Images

falls in older adults are very commonsince for different reasons it is difficult for them to maintain an adequate position sitting, lying down or standing, which can have the consequence that when they fall they hit and hurt themselves. If an older adult falls, this is what you should do at home.

According to him Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS)the older adults are more likely to fall due to muscular weaknessdisturbances in your walking and balance, heart disease, decreased vision, the use of canes and walkers inappropriately or the effects of some medications.

The first thing we should do when witnessing falls in older adults is to check the person carefully to determine if they have any serious injuries such as bruising, bleeding, swollen areas, or fractures. Of course, this must be done without lifting or jerking your body.

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO)30% of the older adults that exceed age 65 suffer a fall a year and in people over 75 this figure increases up to 40%.

What can you do if an older adult falls?

Body parts who are most affected by receiving a hit by a fall They are the hands, buttocks, head, knees and arms. The consequences in Elderly They are not only limited to physical injuries, but there are also psychological and social effects.

dizzinessdehydration, heat stroke, low blood glucose level, high or low blood pressure, ear infection, malnutrition, wear or visual impairment, as well as loss of muscle mass, are common causes that cause falls in older adults.

As soon as we observe what injuries the Elderlythe first thing to do is call the emergency services and cover the old person with a blanket while they arrive to provide medical care.

What to do when an older adult falls? Photo: Getty Images / Illustrative

If he Elderly cannot move, it is best to wait until the emergency services arrive and when they are on site, it is convenient that you can narrate exactly how the fall occurred and the injuries you perceived so that the necessary studies can be carried out.

What are the damages caused by a fall to an older adult?

The damages and consequences that it can leave in the older adults a drop range from:

  • Inflammation
  • Mild to moderate pain at the site of the blow
  • Swelling that limits movement or walking
  • Skin lesions (scratch or bruise)
  • Serious injuries such as fractures and loss of consciousness

What are the causes for which an older adult falls?

Among the main causes why older adults suffer falls are:

  • dizziness
  • Altered sense of balance
  • Daze
  • feeling faint

What can an older adult do if they suffer a fall?

  • Calm down and concentrate on rolling, turning your head in the direction you are going to roll, and bringing your arm and knee closer together
  • Push up on arms to get on all fours and crawl to the closest stable chair or toilet
  • Place your hands on the chair, lift your strongest leg and if you are exhausted, rest in this position
  • Take impulse on the leg and on the hands, pulling on oneself, to sit on a chair

What recommendations prevent a fall?

On the floor

  • Presence of mats, which are attached and in good condition
  • Avoid polished floors


  • Distribute lights strategically around the house, especially in the stairs and bathrooms.
  • Look for emergency lights at night.


  • Use non-slip strips in the bathtub and shower area
  • Color handrails for better support


  • avoid spills
  • Ensure that the most used kitchen utensils are at waist height
  • Set tables and provide firm chairs


  • avoid clutter
  • Move telephone cables and other devices out of the way


  • Install one or two handrails as the case may be
  • Place non-slip shiny tape on the first and last step


  • Wear well-fitting shoes, slippers, or sandals that do not slip off the foot
  • Avoid walking barefoot
  • Replace footwear when it becomes worn and slippery

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