Tom Cruise’s top 5 movies on his 60th birthday

A Tom Cruise I know he saw this Sunday, July 3, celebrating its 60th anniversary at the Silverstone circuit of the British Grand Prix in Formula 1.

The three-time Oscar nominee has a long film history as an actor in which he plays the main character in most films. Many associate it with the saga of Mission Impossibleand to commemorate his artistic life we ​​bring the best 5 movies of him according to critics.

With an average rating of 86/100, this film released in 2018 is the best rated among his filmography. This is the sixth installment of the legendary action saga in which Tom Cruise plays the protagonist Ethan Hunt.

Directed by steven spielbergTom embodies John Anderson, a police chief from the year 2054. The science fiction film presents a reality in which the authorities psychically prevent crimes before they are committed by potential criminals. Released in 2002, the film has an average rating of 80/100.

Still in theaters, it is Tom Cruise’s most recent film. In this sequel to the homonymous film released in 1986, the actor plays Pete “Maverick” Mitchell and right now accumulates an average of 78/100 for criticism.

In this film directed by Cameron CroweTom Cruise plays Jerry Maguire, a successful sports agent looking for new paths for his professional future in search of his happiness. The film has an average of 77/100 among critics.

Thanks to this film Tom Cruise was nominated for the Oscars for Best Supporting Actor. The film narrates several stories in parallel with a common point. The actor played Frank TJ Mackey. The film has an average of 77/100 according to Metacritic.

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