Tom Cruise turns 60 following this diet and training that keep him eternally young

HToday Tom Cruise turns 60 with a more than enviable appearance and it is a good time to remember that yes, in addition to genetics, which we cannot change (without operations), there are many routines that we can add to our lives to look younger and healthier. and uh, spoilers!, Many of them are free.

Due to the youthful appearance that the American actor wore in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, many people have been wondering what is the secret of the Oscar-winning interpreter so as not to look old.

What if diet, what if training, what if a dye in the hair, which also helps… Today we reveal your most effective habits to stay young.

Varied training for the muscles

These will be two important keys to explain the current appearance of Tom Cruise. In a recent interview with Men’s Health, the actor shared his passion for countless sports. A variety that allows you to work and muscle your entire body.

“Sea kayaking, caving… fencing, treadmill, weights… rock climbing, hiking… jogging… I do a lot of different activities,” she said of her sports routines.

Also, the one from ‘Mission Impossible’ added that it is important mix strength work with cardiovascular: “Regularly swapping out cardio and strength work with something like fencing or rock climbing maintains flexibility and balance—the first two things that tell your age.”

Calorie limitation for fats

1,200 calories daily. That’s the amount Tom Cruise wears every day. It is strictly forbidden to exceed it unless there is a special event such as parties or birthdays.

In the end, as is always said, not everything is training. In fact, food and rest are 70% good health and good physical appearance.

Regarding the feeding of Katie Holmes’s ex, this is based on grilled food such as fish, egg whites, chicken, oatmeal and vegetables, added to an important absence of carbohydrates or greasy and oily food.

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