Tom Cruise celebrates his birthday next to the father of “Checo” Pérez

MEXICO CITY, July 3 (EL UNIVERSAL).- Tom Cruise is on long tablecloths, this day, the actor of “Mission Impossible” turns 60 and decided to celebrate it at full speed, nothing more and nothing less than in the Gran GP Brittany.

On different occasions, Cruise has declared himself an F1 fan, which is why, during his visit to this country, he attended one of the most important events in the world of motorsports, where he immediately attracted attention. Before witnessing the race, the producer also visited the pit area of ​​famous Lagunas teams and gave several selfies and autographs to the public that was also present.

However, what really caught his attention was the people he was surrounded by during the main event, because during the television broadcast he could be seen hugging Mr. Antonio Pérez Garibay, father of Mexican driver Sergio “Checo” Pérez.

In the images, which are already viral on social networks, Cruise appears, at the track level, with the smile that characterizes him and patting Checo’s father on the back; while he talks with the father of the British Lewis Hamilton.

The reactions, of course, did not wait and some users have not only celebrated the second position that Pérez achieved, they also assured that the protagonist of “Top Gun” could be his lost brother, since the resemblance between the two is simply undeniable :

“Here we can see Checo Pérez with his father, oh no! It’s Tom Cruise”, “Who says that the multiverse does not exist, Checo Pérez and Tom Cruise in the same time and space, but being different characters”, “Yes did a Checo bioseries, would Tom Cruise see the role played? Yes or of course?”, “Tom Cruise, Checo’s father and Hamilton’s father seeing the podium, things that only happen in F1”, are some comments that can be read.

The actor who just made his debut on the sixth floor, is a big fan of car racing. A little less than a year ago he fulfilled one of his dreams, to drive a real F1 car, this during a test in California.

Tom climbed into one of the Red Bull team cars during a closed-door session at the Willow Springs Circuit in Rosamund; in addition to the fact that he had the former pilot, David Coulthard, as an instructor.

As if that were not enough, one of the films that gave him international fame, “Days of Thunder”, is directly related to motorsports, since in it, Cruise plays a Nascar driver.

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