The car with the least horsepower in Spain is this Dacia

Until quite recently, Dacia could boast of having in its catalog the cheapest car in the Spanish market. However, taking into account the recent decisions of the Romanian brand, especially the one to eliminate the access version of its Sanderothe utility has lost that label.

Of course, the low cost manufacturer can continue to brag, if it is something they really want to brag about, of having the model for sale in their catalog. Spain with fewer horses.

Dacia spring
Dacia spring

It is none other than him Dacia Springthe first adventure in the field of electric 100 × 100 of the brand that, although it is true that it is not as successful as models like the Sandero or the DusterYes, it is one of the most attractive electrics in our market.

The Dacia Spring has an engine of only 45 horses

The intention of the brand with this model was none other than to put the cheapest and low-cost electric on the market. And obviously they have succeeded. As we can see now quecochemecompro.esthe starting price, taking into account all possible promotions and discounts on this model, is less than €12,000. A very top price considering that it is an electric model, models that are usually much more expensive than those with a combustion engine.

Of course, one of the weak points of this model, which in turn explains why it is so cheap, is precisely its engine. And it is that she is an electrical mechanic who has a power of only 45 horsepowerwhich causes, among other things, that its maximum speed is 120 km/h.

Dacia spring
Dacia spring

Although the autonomy of 230 km is more than attractive considering that it is a model designed by and for the city, the low power of its engine prevents it from being a functional model away from it.

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