so you can transcribe voice messages to text without listening to them or marking them as read


Thanks to Voice to Text you can transcribe voice notes to text without anyone knowing that you have done it.

Surely at some point you have received a voice note on WhatsApp, but not being able to listen to it at that time, you have thought that it is a pity that the messaging application owned by Meta does not have a function to transcribe voice notes to textsomething that Telegram has just included in its Premium version.

But don’t worry, because while WhatsApp does not implement this functionality, we bring you a simple trick with which you can transcribe speech audio to text and besides, you can do it no need to play it or mark it as read.

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Discover how you can know what a WhatsApp voice message says without having to listen to it or mark it as read.

With Voice to Text you can transcribe WhatsApp audio to text without playing it or marking it as read

To be able to transcribe WhatsApp audio to text without anyone knowing, the first thing you will have to do is enable automatic download of voice memos in the messaging application, something you can do by following a few simple steps:

  • Open the WhatsApp app on your Android mobile
  • Click on the menu button that is located in the upper right
  • Click on the option Settings
  • Go to the section Storage and data
  • Enter each of the three options in this section, mark the check of Audio and press the button okay

How to transcribe a WhatsApp audio to text without playing it or marking it as read

Once this is done, the next step is download and install the Voice to Text app on your smartphonesince it is the one that will allow you transcribe your WhatsApp audios to text without anyone knowing.

Thus, once you install the application on your mobile, you just have to perform a few simple actions to transcribe a WhatsApp voice note to text:

  • Open the Voice to Text app on your Android terminal and grant it all the permissions it requests
  • Access with any file manager, such as Google Files to the folder where WhatsApp voice memos are savedwhich you will find in the following path: Internal Storage-Android-Media-com.whatsapp-WhatsApp-Media-WhatsApp Voice Notes
  • Once inside this folder, you will see several subfolders ordered from oldest to newest, in such a way that the most recent audios will be in the subfolder below everything. But you can reverse this chronological order simply by clicking on the menu button at the top left, clicking on the button Sort by and selecting the option Date (most recent first)
  • Once you have located the voice note that you want to transcribe, a long press on it to select it and click on the icon Share that appears at the top
  • In the Share menu that appears below tap on the Voice to Text icon
  • Click on the button Import audio (Spanish)

How to transcribe a WhatsApp audio to text without playing it or marking it as read

Once this is done, Voice to Text will start transcribing the WhatsApp voice note that you have selected to text and after a few seconds you will see the result in plain text and you can cut it, copy it or share it or play the audio directly from the app.

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The fact that Voice to Text allows you to play the voice note from the application itself, makes it possible for the audio is still showing as unread in WhatsAppin such a way that no one will know that you have heard it until you open the chat.

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