new strategy after farewell to Piqué

A 2022 to forget for Shakira. The Colombian singer broke up, after twelve years of love, with Gerard Piqué, father of his sons Milan and Sasha. But the artist also risks ending up in prison: a few months ago he lost the case for tax fraud in Spain. The 45-year-old was accused of failing to pay 14.5 million euros in taxes on her income between 2012 and 2014. Years in which the relationship between Shakira and Piqué it was going well and the couple were expecting their firstborn. The musician has always defended herself by reiterating that she is one “rootless nomad” but to betray it numerous tests: payments by credit card, photos on social media documenting frequent outings with friends in Barcelona, ​​the choice to carry on her first pregnancy in a clinic in Catalonia.

Shakira’s latest decision

Until today Shakira, on the advice of Piqué, he maintained a tough line of defense. The Barcelona player has also had problems with the tax authorities in the past and after having managed to cancel a heavy fine he had asked the former partner not to give up in the face of accusations and requests from the Spanish state. Now that the two have broken up and the separation has become public knowledge, the pop star would have invited her lawyers to change strategy. “Shakira wants to reach an agreement that will allow her to avoid jail. After denying it for years, she wants to admit everything and pay a millionaire fine”a source told El Pais.

Shakira's bikini twist drives the web crazy

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Shakira’s bikini twist drives the web crazy

Shakira wants to leave Spain

Shakira wants to avoid prison but above all a process that would become media. After all the gossip about the end of love with Pique the singer wants to avoid further interference in her private life. “She wants to close this judicial chapter that touches her a lot from an emotional point of view”the insider explained. For this reason he has decided not to follow the footballer’s suggestion anymore and has instructed his team of lawyers to seek an agreement that can close the whole matter as soon as possible. Shakira is also intent on come back to live in Miamiwhere he bought a mansion before meeting Gerard in 2010.

Superbowl, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira to scream

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Superbowl, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira to scream

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