Miguel Herrera criticizes whistler Oscar Méjía; trust in the good work of Archundia in the Arbitration Commission

Miguel Herrera pointed out disparate criteria in the marking of fouls and that the work of the week is spoiled by bad decisions

The technician of tigers, Michael Herreracriticized the work of the whistler Oscar Mejia in the match his team against Blue Crosswhich ended with a 2-3 loss for his cause, and he hopes that there will be a better job in the Arbitration Commission with Armando Archundia as holder.

“It is what we cannot understand, that a referee has unequal criteria in the same plays. If they told me that a referee whistled in Guadalajara, others in Mexico, another Monterrey and they had different decision-making in the same play, I agree, it is criteria of each one, but that he himself has a different criteria in the same play in the same match. Archundia start working and you will do much better,” he said.

The helmsman reacted in this way, after the whistle-blower scored a foul by Javier Aquino on Uriel Antuna in the area, which was finally converted by Santiago Giménez to give the sky-blue a 2-3 victory.

Michael Herrera He said that his team lacked forcefulness, for which they should work on it for the following games and in the same way do a better job in the defensive sector.

“We lacked forcefulness, they came to us twice, because the last one (the penalty play) is not an arrival. We were arriving and we did not finish scoring the goals we should have scored.

“We have to work much harder so that the teams don’t reach us, they reach us twice and they score three goals for us, we must work more in that direction,” added the helmsman of the New Leon team.

Michael Herrera He spoke about the performance of Sebastián Córdova and said that the possibility of reaching Qatar 2022 will depend on him, but that if he maintains that level he can achieve it.

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