Luisito Comunica beats McCormick; Mexican pantry changes

  • The pantry model has continued for years in Mexico, including products from the basic basket in its offer, but online commerce and delivery apps have other data.

  • Luisito Comunica just presented the product that appears in the Mexican pantry three weeks ago and now it is a priority in his spending after McCormickAt least when you shop at Amazon.

  • The pantry is a key part of Mexican consumer spending and a foundation from which we can understand what matters when making the pantry.

What began as a search to find out how the drought in Nuevo León has affected purchasing preferences in stores like Amazon, ended up discovering that Luisito Comunica outsells powerful brands like McCormickwho have gained virality for mistakes like the one he made Peter Alone, when he mentioned mayonnaise instead of Hellmann’s, which originally scheduled a mention in the program where the now youtuber participates. The insight is a clue that The Mexican pantry has changed, at least in the consumer who makes his pantry online.


There seems to be a profile of the Mexican consumer that feeds online and is one that cooks less and less at home and brands should pay attention to this, because in addition to their spending on basic necessities, they no longer prioritize bottled water or foods such as milk, bread or eggs, even a McCormick mayonnaise, which for decades have been mentioned as the first purchases to fill the consumer’s pantry, now alcoholic beverages have a special place in their cupboards or refrigerators and not only that, it is more and more recurrent the acquisition of these products.

That is why it is important to see how Luisito Communicates exceeds McCormick in sales within Amazon in an unexpected category, which is Food and Beverages, which warns the profile of who and how they make their pantry online.

According to the list of the best sellers in Food and Beverages that Amazon has published this Saturday, July 2, the consumer who makes his pantry on the platform has five key products that cannot be missing in his fridge or cupboard such as Verde Valle rice, Grand Malo tequila liqueur horchata flavorMayonnaise McCormickOil 1-2-3 and prepared Isadora beans.

There is a devastating insight that the Mexican Association of Online Sales and Netquest released in 2021 and it is that the main category in which consumers used to spending online buy is food delivery and the one they spend the least on is food to prepare at home and Amazon shows that when they do, when that time comes to stock the cupboard, a tequila liqueur is on the shopping list.

Inside of the study to which we allude, this is how the preferences by category appear in percentage values:

food delivery 72
Clothes and accessories 64
electronics 55
Culture 52
Toys 51
Beauty and personal care 49
Home’s products 47
Furniture and decoration 42
Sports 40
Tools 40
Consoles and video games 40
Foods 39

See on Amazon among the best sellers, an alcoholic beverage that Luisito Communicates released just three weeks ago on its YouTube channel (where it added more than 1,500,000 views) highlights the weight of the products that influencers launch with their halo effect and how they have the ability to even alter a basic basket, at least when it is supplied online.

Getting the “basic basket” online no longer follows old paradigms of how to fill a cupboard. The consumer who prioritizes his online pantry has clear habits, such as avoiding the kitchen of his home and eating what he orders from food delivery apps.

The transformation of this consumer is such that he not only reveals his habits on Amazon where he prefers tequila liqueur from Luisito Communicates in your cupboard than McCormick mayonnaise or Isadora ready-to-eat beans. She also tells the AMVO that he prefers home delivery than preparing his dinner at home and the most radical, in a Rappi study, the platform confessed in his “Rappi Mustache”, which as an app open to deliver orders for food, medicine and anything legal that is affiliated with its platform, the categories that have grown the most are Drinks & Cigarettes with 21 percent and Pharma & Care, with a brutal 43 percent. hundred. The food category has had to diversify on the platform and present it now as Foods & Pets with an increase in orders of 22 percent.

There is a greater awareness in care and hygiene and the consumer who makes his pantry online spends more time in the bathroom medicine cabinet taking medication and taking care of himself, than in the kitchen preparing food. He is determined to eat food at home and when he does the pantry, he not only has a special shelf for the liqueur Luisito Communicatesfood for their dogs or cats are already essential in their spending.

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