Fortnite filters the possible return of one of the most beloved elements of Chapter 1

waiting for you Epic Games ends up officially pronouncing on the final event of Season 2 of this Chapter 3 of Fortnitefor now we will have to settle for those leaks made by the community of battle royale leakers about the content that will reach the latter in the future.

And, precisely, the information that I bring you here has to do with the latter; specifically, with a series of evidences that point to the return of a much-loved element of Chapter 1. I leave you with all the details below so you can take a look at them with your own eyes:

  • The leak in question comes from a post by the leaker HYPEX when data mining the files of the recent update 20.40
  • This ensures that The Block has been updated internally in this patch
  • This implies that could return to Fortnite with the release of version 2.0 of Creative mode
  • For those of you who don’t remember: The Block is that location on the map where a scenario created by a player appeared and rotated with each update

If I’m honest, The Block is one of the elements that I remember most fondly from Chapter 1 of Fortnite. Does the same thing happen to you as to me? Honestly, the fact that he came back would make the recent dynamics of battle royale go up and everything that goes towards that goal will be welcome on my part. I will keep you informed with any news that arises in this regard.

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