Christian Bale will take a break from Hollywood

Christian Bale… will he be Batman again?

The 48-year-old movie star – who is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors – added: “I’ve worked a lot harder than anyone wanted to, and I think I’m going to be gone for a while.”

Recently, the actor who has starred in films like american psycho, The fighter, The Sun’s empire, Ford vs. ferrari and the trilogy of Dark Knight from the hand of Christopher Nolan grabbed the headlines by mentioning the possibility of putting on the suit again Batman on a new tape, despite the fact that Warner Bros is currently working with Robert Pattinson in the next project Bat Manafter the success that the film had at the box office and with critics batmandirected by Matt Reeves.

Christian Bale plans to take a break from Hollywood
Christian Bale starred in ‘Ford vs. Ferrari’ with Matt Damon

On the promotional tour Thor: Love and Thunderthe actor was questioned about this situation occurring and he replied: “I think everything would depend on Christopher Nolan. If he decided to do it again and chose me, then yes, I would definitely consider it.

“That was always our pact, so I would stay true to it. But the truth is that we always said that we would only do three films. And I have told myself on several occasions that I would only do it again with him”, thus leaving open the possibility of becoming BruceWayne.

Christian Bale plans to take a break from Hollywood
Christian Bale will take a ‘detox’ from the cinema

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