Amber Heard could get another trial against Johnny Depp

07/03/2022 at 11:16


The actress still does not give up the judgment

The case between Heard and Depp is one of the most controversial in recent years

Johnny Depp he won his trial against Amber Heard Recently. Still, the fight isn’t over and the actress’s legal team still has a few rounds to shoot. A) Yes, Heard’s attorneys have formally requested that the trial be repeated or the vote of one of the members of the jury not be taken into account.

According to Radar Online, Heard’s lawyers believe that one of the jurors should have been vetoed.

The court has been called to investigate a person known as “Juror number 15” considering that there were discrepancies between the age of birth and his official identification: “In the list of the votes of the council, the court realized that an individual had a birth date of 1945, a date that clearly does not match his real age“.

This could serve so that Amber Heard could enjoy a new trial in which he could escape the severe sentence received. The jury member I was really born in 1970 so this mistake could help the actress.

The case between Heard and Depp has been one of the most followed around the world in recent years. The ruling has set a clear precedent by which Depp has been reinstated in his contract with Disney and seems to have returned to his normal life. Meanwhile, Heard’s acting career may have sunk forever.

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