WHO calls for “urgent” response from Europe as monkeypox cases rise

The World Health Organization (WHO) called this Friday to take “urgent” measures to contain the spread of monkeypox in Europe, where cases have tripled in the last two weeks.

“Urgent and coordinated action is imperative” in the coming months to prevent the disease from spreading “in larger geographical areas,” WHO regional director for Europe, Hans Henri Kluge, warned in a statement.

Monkeypox is not an international emergency at the moment, says WHO

Monkeypox is not currently an international health emergency, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

declare the monkey pox as a global emergency it would mean that the UN health agency considers the outbreak an “extraordinary event” and that the disease is at risk of spreading across more borders, possibly requiring a global response.

It would also have given monkeypox the same distinction as the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing effort to eradicate polio.

Many scientists doubt that such a declaration will help curb the epidemic, as the developed countries with the most recent cases are already moving quickly to stop it.

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