The car in which Will Smith was cheated on

Will Smith has been in a marriage for more than 20 years with Jada Pinkett Smith, who admitted cheating on the actor with rapper August Alsina. Find out in which car the infidelity would have been consummated!

Jada Pinkett Smith admitted in an interview that he was unfaithful to Will Smith after more than 20 years of marriage. The also actress came to declare that her marriage was hanging by a thread and she succumbed to the temptations of infidelity with the rapper August Alsina, who is also a close friend of one of the couple’s children, jaden.

However, and despite all the commotion that arose with these statements, Will Smith forgave his wife for much of his career and the matter was settled in between. Alsina, for her part, had a considerable growth in her fame and now she has become a celebrity on social networks, where she accumulates millions of followers.

And it is precisely in your profile Instagram where the issue of infidelity returned to the front pages. The 29-year-old rapper is very active in his networks and does not skimp on publishing the behind-the-scenes of his day to day with his millions of fans. Several of his posts have a cadillac eldorado as the protagonist, and many began to speculate that this would be the car where the meeting between him and Will Smith’s wife took place.

It’s about a Cadillac white that stands out for its intact bodywork. These models began to be produced in the early years of the 50s until 2002, when their production stopped. With 11 generations behind it, Cadillac ElDorado has become the ideal prototype of the American car.

According to Vida Palm Springs magazine, the name of the Cadillac ElDorado comes from the Eldorado Country Club, a club frequented by executives from General Motors, the parent company of this classic. True or not, what was left to posterity was an iconic name that has made the Cadillac one of the most emblematic cars in the automotive history of the United States.

+This is the Cadillac where Jadan Pinkett and August Alsina would have met

August and his Cadillac Eldorado

August and his Cadillac ElDorado

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