Sylvester Stallone and the unpublished photos of the ‘Rocky’ era

    Anyone would think, seeing the level of fame and fortune that Sylvester Stallone has achieved, that the actor’s life was always a bed of roses, but nothing could be further from the truth. The actor had a troubled childhood during which he was expelled from various schools and institutions.

    Son of Frank Stallone, a hairdresser, and Jacqueline France, a versatile woman who throughout her life was a trapeze artist, hairdresser or representative of wrestling women, her birth was very complicated and the use of two forceps caused her paralysis in the face that, over time, gave him the difficulty when speaking and gesturing that has become a trademark of the house.

    Young Sly was always interested in sports, soon excelling in American football, but also acting. By the early 1970s, he was already determined that he would pursue a career in show business and enrolled in drama school. To pay the tuition, the actor recognized some time later that he had even participated in a porn movie. The reason: he only had $20 in the bank.

    His first papers came to him very soon. Stallone always had this impressive physique and was the perfect kind of Italian-American street badass. His first appearance in a major film was in Woody Allen’s ‘Bananas,’ where he plays a leather-jacketed hunk who scares Allen on the New York subway.

    He also made some appearances in television programs, such as in the mythical police series of the 70s, ‘Kojak’. However, Stallone was always a man with many ambitions and, already in those early years, he dreamed of writing and directing his own films, something that was very close in time.

    In early 1975, he went to the fight between Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner, and walked away inspired. After the fight, he went straight to his house, took out his typewriter and in three days of frantic work finished the first draft of ‘Rocky’, the movie that would make him a star. The film won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1977 and two nominations for Best Actor and Best Screenplay.

    Then we leave you with some images of that incredible time.

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Toupee and leather jacket

In his early roles, Sylvester used to play slicked-back macarrillas in leather jackets, like in ‘Black Jackets. Happy days’, which narrates the arrival to adult life of four neighborhood boys.


Scaring little guys with glasses on the subway

Another example of his beginnings in the cinema is the role he played in Woody Allen’s ‘Bananas’.

Despite opposition from some of the producers, who wanted the leading man in Rocky to be a more well-known actor, Stallone managed to land the part.

The actor managed to give Rocky an authenticity that captivated millions of viewers around the world and made him a star.

Overnight, Sylvester Stallone became a star, being invited to TV shows like Johnny Carson’s.

He also automatically became the idol of millions of young people around the world and a global sex symbol.


Adored by the press of the heart

Who he was dating or not dating began to occupy the front pages of gossip magazines. Here we see him during her alleged romance with actress Susan Anton at a party hosted by Andy Warhol.

Stallone with a curious cap during his ‘Rocky’ tour in the United Kingdom.

At the Oscars in 1977 with his wife, Sasha Czack.


confirmation of success

Joking around with Muhammad Ali after winning the Oscar for Best Picture in 1977.

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