Movie Thrills with John Williams



ADDA Symphony

Chief Conductor: Joseph Vincent

It so happens that on June 4, a production took place at the Alicante Coliseum, “Two Infinite Talents” with the filmmaker José Luis Garci and the film buff and poet Luis Alberto de Cuenca, about the universe that makes up the director Steven Spielberg and composer John Williams. This is relevant because at the opening of the Tasazz we have seen in the Provincial Auditorium, without being a jazz performance, the concert dedicated to Williams, after turning 90 in February, with the ADDA·Simfònica, whose director is Josep Vicent. He conducts the dazzling orchestra, which brings to light the most emblematic soundtracks that the prestigious John Williams has composed for films such as «Star Wars», «ET», «Harry Potter», «The Adventures of Tintin», «Hook», « Jurassic park”, “Superman” or “Indiana Jones”. The fifth installment of the latter will hit the screens next summer and will be his last film score.

More than a hundred has done during six decades. And now he wants to dedicate himself to composing concert music, another of his occupations. The American, with an exuberant symphonic style of cinema, manifests himself through this group that makes all audiences vibrate. The scores require total dedication with the fast-paced notes of adventure and fantasy, melodic and sentimental, or the intimate and dramatic brushstrokes on the Nazi holocaust of “Schindler’s List”, a piece where the leading role of the strings and the first violin stands out.

The raw emotions are further enhanced by the lighting design and still images that place the many viewers in each film. Williams and Spielberg (not just the two) have shaken hands since the 70s. The successes were produced and are part of the public. “The Imperial March,” one of the orchestral themes from “Star Wars,” was heard again. The intensity of the musicians and the bubbly mastery or restraint, when necessary, of Josep Vicent received repeated applause.

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